Treatments for Bulging Hand Veins – Veins of the Hand can be unsightly and/or painful. We have several treatments for hand veins including hand rejuvenation.

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Dr. Adam S Gropper is a top Miami vein doctor offering hand rejuvenation and hand vein treatment. We offer hand vein treatment using a combination of foam sclerotherapy and microphlebectomy.

You can tell someone’s age by their hands. While facelifts, fillers, and Botox have brought a fountain of youth to people’s faces, large bulging hand veins can still give away someone’s age. Hand veins become more prominent as we age due to fat loss on the back of the hand, exposing hand veins that were there all along. Hand rejuvenation is one of the newest frontiers in aesthetic medicine. While one solution for hand rejuvenation is to inject fillers into the back of the hand, this requires frequent re-application. Injections with Juvederm and Restylane carry FDA indications for restoring volume to the face. There are no long term studies of the effects of hand injections of these fillers.

For patients in or visiting Miami hand rejuvenation is performed in the office. Bulging hand veins near the skin can be treated safely. Hand vein treatment is performed using a combination of injections of FDA-approved medication and removal through tiny incisions. After hand vein treatment, the youthful appearance of the hand can be restored. Dr Gropper exclusively uses Asclera, an FDA-approved medication for the treatment of varicose veins and spider veins.

During your initial consultation with Dr Gropper, he will perform a thorough evaluation of your issue and perform and ultrasound if necessary. If you are a candidate for hand rejuvenation or hand vein treatment, he will discuss the potential treatment options with you.

Hand vein treatment does not require any downtime afterwards. Patients typically wear a specially fitted glove for a few days after treatment.

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