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Miami Laser Vein Treatment – Varicose vein removal, spider vein removal, facial vein treatments and more. Using laser treatments in quick, painless and effective
We now also offer laser vein treatment for the face

Dr. Malvehy is a top vein doctor offering Miami laser vein treatment, also called Endovenous Laser Ablation. With offices in Miami Beach, we serve patients all over Miami. Laser vein treatment is performed in 30-60 minutes and require no downtime, giving you relief from varicose veins and venous insufficiency without interfering with your lifestyle.

EndoVenous Laser Ablation uses laser energy delivered in a thin fiber optic probe to treat the root cause of varicose veins. Dr. Malvehy personally performs these treatments in the office. During your initial consultation with Dr. Malvehy he will perform an ultrasound and be able to explain exactly where your varicose veins arise from and come up with a customized treatment plan with you. If your plan includes treatment, the procedure will performed in the office and be scheduled for about an hour. Dr. Malvehy will begin by explaining laser vein treatment to you in detail. After administration of local anesthetic, a small IV is placed in the problem vein. A thin laser fiber is then inserted in the vein and used to close the problem vein from the inside out. Patients return to normal activities the next day.

Miami vein treatments can be scheduled around work including early morning or afternoon appointments. For patients traveling from outside Miami treatment can be performed the same day as the initial consultation after a detailed phone and video consultation.

We offer:

  • Quick, minimally invasive laser procedure
  • Rapid relief from painful and unsightly leg veins
  • Return to normal activity immediately
  • No general anesthesia or hospitalization

If you are not a candidate for laser vein treatment, Dr. Malvehy will customize a treatment regimen for you to comprehensively treat your vein disease. Dr. Malvehy sees patients with varicose veins and spider veins at locations in Miami Beach and Delray Beach. Through these two offices, we serve all greater Miami and Latin America.

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