Should I wait to treat leg veins until after pregnancy?

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If you have painful leg veins, spider veins or varicose veins during pregnancy, you are not alone. By the time a woman has three pregnancies, she has close to a 100% chance of having some sort of leg vein problem. One of the most common misconceptions among our patients – maybe THE most common – is that you shouldn’t treat leg veins until you’ve completed all your pregnancies.  The thinking is that you do all the damage and then clean it all up. Waiting until you are done with all your pregnancies means you may:

* Have irreversible damage due to multiple pregnancies and the stress put on leg veins (like this 33 year old mother of 4 – pictured here)

* Have complications like blood clots and pain during pregnancy – which are completely avoidable!

Waiting to get vein treatment is the exactly wrong thing to do. If you have vein problems before or during your pregnancy, you should see your vein doctor as soon as possible – even during your pregnancy – so you can:

* come up with solutions to manage symptoms

* prevent complications – like DVT and blood clots – even during pregnancy

* come up with a definitive treatment plan to be enacted after baby is born

Patients with bulging varicose veins or leg veins during pregnancy are at increased risk for superficial blood clots, also called superficial thrombophlebitis. These painful blood clots in the leg can convert to more serious DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis.  Any blood clot in the leg can be serious, even potentially life threatening. If nothing else, superficial thrombophlebitis can be painful and can cause scarring of the leg like the kind seen in this picture.

Many women suffer from increased spider veins or even blue discoloration of the lower leg itself.  This is most common in the right leg due to the anatomy of the veins draining the legs, their arrangement in the pelvis and their position relative to the growing uterus.


Mother of 4, waited to treat veins after all pregnancies, now with irreversible damage

Patients with any of these issues should have definitive diagnosis and treatment for these vein issues before becoming pregnant again. Treating vein disease before subsequent pregnancies:

* Greatly reduces suffering from leg swelling, skin discoloration, pain and cramping during the pregnancy

* Greatly improves the potential cosmetic and medical improvementPrevents vein problems from becoming irreversible

Treating vein disease is not something that should be put off until the child bearing years are over – by then you may have missed out on most of the potential benefits or treatment or otherwise made your particular vein disease much worse than it ever needed to be.

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