I had a great experience at the Miami Beach Vein Institute. The office was lovely. The staff members were very nice. And Dr. Albert Malvehy took care of a vein that I’ve had for years in a matter of a few minutes. The best part was that I had NO discomfort at all! Thanks Dr. Malvehy!

Kaia C.

Dr. Malvehy is great. It has now been 8 months since he treated my spider veins. He made good on his promise of touching up anything still visible after the healing period. His professionalism and knowledge are impeccable. The employees are very nice and professional as well. I am quite happy with my results and the attention I received at this location.

Kathia D.

I so wish I had gone here when a friend told me about Dr Malvehy 3 years ago. There is so much misinformation about vein treatment. If you have leg pain, heaviness, itchiness, spider or varicose veins you need an ultrasound and not sclerotherapy. There may be a root cause of your vein issues that a dermatologist or even vascular surgeon will not diagnose properly. I tried years of sclerotherapy and my legs only worsened pain and appearance wise as years progressed. This doctor knows his stuff and the process has been enjoyable, efficient and educational at the same time. There is help with the right doctor and Dr. Malvehy is the one to go to.

I am very happy I finally went to his office. The facilities, staff, and procedures are pleasant, friendly and warm. I will recommend him to everyone

Natalie H.

Following meeting Dr Malvehy through family of ours in Miami, I took my mother to get treatment for her leg varicose veins. She was really pleased with how professional the experience was at the practice
Not only was Dr. Malvehy’s expertise in the field apparent but his personal touch and understanding towards my mother was exceptional and it made all the difference toward what could otherwise have turned into an unpleasant experience.

We would strongly recommend Miami Beach Vein Institute to whoever requires treatment of this sort

German M.

Dr. Malvehy changed my life. I was suffering for more than 30 years and I am now able to wear shorts and I am pain-free from my bulging veins. I truly recommend a visit to Dr. M if you are having issues with your veins, you will not be disappointed. The procedure was non-invasive, recovery time was minimum, and the results are spectacular!  I was able to drive home and  just needed to wear compression socks for a week. His staff is kind & professional. I am extremely pleased with my results and highly recommend Dr. Malvehy at the Miami Beach Vein Institute. I truly thank Dr. M and his staff for helping me!

Gabriel G.

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