Spider Vein Treatment

Spider Vein Removal in Miami at Miami Beach Vein Institute is quick, painless and effective. Dr. Malvehy offers a combination of laser spider vein removal, liquid sclerotherapy with Asclera (not saline or salt water), foam sclerotherapy, and ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy.

Dr. Albert Malvehy of Miami, FL provides expert treatment for spider vein removal, serving Miami spider vein patients from offices in Miami Beach and a satellite location in Delray Beach. Dr. Malvehy is one of the few physicians in the greater Miami area offering comprehensive spider vein removal with a suite of potential options for patients including laser spider vein treatment, sclerotherapy, and foam sclerotherapy. Dr. Malvehy teaches the national physician course for sclerotherapy, focusing on the use of foam. Check out a video of foam sclerotherapy below:

Expert Spider Vein Treatment with Foam Sclerotherapy

Spider Vein Treatment: Dr. Malvehy’s Customized Approach

Dr. Malvehy’s approach starts with him – no nurses or assistants perform consultations or treatment; only Dr. Malvehy evaluates and treats spider vein patients in our office. Treating spider veins effectively requires a detailed understanding of the anatomy of the skin and pathophysiology of spider veins (understanding why they happened). Dr. Malvehy has both and is a physician educator for the national sclerotherapy continuing medical education course for physicians. During your initial consultation, Dr. Malvehy will evaluate the root cause of your spider veins and any potential reticular veins, also called feeder veins, to make sure they are addressed during your treatment. Dr. Malvehy will work with you to create a customized treatment approach which takes into account how severe your spider veins are, how many treatments you will require, your lifestyle, and any travel requirements.

Laser Spider Vein Treatments

Laser spider vein treatments target different colors within the skin (these are called chromophores). Dr. Malvehy uses the Dornier 940, one of the only lasers built specifically for vascular conditions, including spider veins and varicose veins. Our office uses a topical anesthetic to make treatments more comfortable. 2-3 treatments may be required for the best results. Spider veins on the nose, cheeks and chin are the best candidates for this kind of treatment, though it can be used on the legs in selected patients. Dr. Malvehy will create a customized approach to your spider vein removal during your initial consultation.

Consultations are available by calling 305-417-8346.

Dr. Malvehy: Leading Miami Foam Sclerotherapy Specialist

Dr. Malvehy is a top Miami vein doctor offering spider vein treatment and spider vein removal for patients at his office in Miami Beach and satellite location in Delray Beach. “We don’t offer patients spider vein treatments – we offer spider vein removal results.”

Dr. Malvehy is one of the few physicians who offers expert foam sclerotherapy treatment for patients who travel from across the US, the Caribbean, and Latin America to visit his Miami Beach location. Foam sclerotherapy involves combining a detergent sclerosing agent such as polidocanol (Asclera, brand name), with a gas to create a viscous foam, which is then injected.

This technique is appropriate for treating some varicose veins, reticular (feeder) veins and large spider vein complexes but requires expert administration, beginning with the right treatment plan at consultation. Dr. Malvehy has published scientific literature on foam sclerotherapy and is a national instructor on this topic.

Why Expert Spider Vein Removal?

Spider veins can appear in different distributions with associated underlying causes and appropriate treatments.

Men and women may suffer from a crown of spider veins on the outside or back of their thighs. In the picture above, these bright purple or red spider veins tend to be driven by underlying reticular veins, bluish veins lying deeper under the skin surface. While those blue veins may be less of a cosmetic issue, addressing them is critical to successfully treating the outer thigh spider veins. We use specialized vein viewing technology to identify deep vessels feeding problem spider veins and treat those as part of a comprehensive treatment regimen in order to deliver durable results.

Dr. Malvehy will perform a detailed evaluation at your initial consultation and identify the root cause of spider vein networks, making sure to treat those as well. Treating reticular, feeder, or perforator veins can reduce the rate at which new spider veins form, increasing the length of time required for subsequent treatments.

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