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Varicose Vein Treatment for Legs in Miami, FL – Dr. Malvehy is a top rated varicose vein specialist. Request an appointment to discuss your varicose vein issues or needs.

If you are considering varicose vein treatment in Miami, consider which physicians are specialists who dedicate their practice to treating varicose veins and spider veins. Dr. Malvehy is a top Miami vein doctor treating all aspects of vein disease including providing varicose vein treatment, spider vein treatment and leg ulcer treatment

Specializing In Varicose Vein Treatment in Miami

Because Dr. Malvehy specializes in varicose veins in Miami, he is often able to deliver results where others have failed. Many of our patients have had laser vein treatment, endovenous ablation and sclerotherapy treatment in other Miami vein clinics However, they were only to be disappointed by poor results. Many physicians “treat veins” in their office. The difference between varicose vein treatment in Miami between someone who dabbles in veins and someone who specializes in it can be dramatic.

Real World Example of Varicose Vein Removal

For example, Dr. Malvehy saw a woman who had undergone treatment for varicose veins in Miami with another Miami vein clinic only to have her varicose veins return within a year. Dr. Malvehy personally performs a vein ultrasound on all new patients. He was able to identify the root of this patient’s varicose veins. In this case a bundle of varicose veins buried deep in a muscle, not accessible to typical laser treatments or even minimally invasive vein surgery.

As part of the treatment for this patient, Dr. Malvehy performed an ultrasound guided chemical ablation. This procedure uses sophisticated ultrasound to pinpoint the source of the problem vein and an injection of foam sclerotherapy. The patient’s varicose veins were gone within several days and with no downtime. Treatment for varicose veins in Miami can be quite successful in the right hands.

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