Vein Treatment for Younger-Looking Skin

There are many signs we look for, whether consciously or unconsciously, to determine someone’s age. While some of these are well-known, such as facial wrinkles and blemishes, there exist many important indicators of aging that we don’t talk about as much. Did you realize that the health of your veins can be a huge factor in how aged your skin appears to be?

As we age, vein issues become more and more common. Some of these, such as spider veins, pose primarily cosmetic problems; others, such as venous insufficiency, can be uncomfortable and even painful. Many of these vein issues can lead to older, unhealthier-looking skin. For example, while bulging veins on the upper legs are often concealed under pants or shorts, bulging hand veins are difficult to conceal.

Fortunately, there are a number of vein-based treatment options available for those seeking healthier, younger-looking skin. Which treatment is right for you depends on the particular nature of your cosmetic or vein-related problem. Ensuring that you receive customized treatment for your unique set of issues is especially important when the issues are primarily cosmetic, given the possibility of unseemly side effects.

For example, the first line of treatment for spider veins in many clinics is endovenous laser ablation, or laser vein treatment. Laser vein treatment, when applied carefully, can be tremendously useful for larger-scale vein problems such as venous insufficiency or varicose veins. However, when tiny spider veins are treated with endovenous laser ablation, the skin around the veins is often damaged. This damage can be bright and splotchy – it’s not unheard of for side effects from laser vein treatment to actually appear more unseemly than the spider veins it was attempting to treat!

That said, many vein problems leading to older-looking and unhealthier skin can indeed be treated, and with a minimum of side effects. Here at the Miami Beach Vein Institute, we offer a wide variety of vein treatments, including much of the latest and most innovative technology available today. For example, we are one of the few practices in south Florida to have access to VeinWave, a revolutionary new method for treating spider veins. Unlike endovenous laser ablation, VeinWave makes almost no contact with the area surrounding spider veins, which ensures both a minimum of side effects and a much speedier recovery.

In addition, each patient who comes to the Miami Beach Vein Institute to receive treatment receives highly personal treatment from Dr. Albert Malvehy, one of Florida’s most qualified and experienced vein doctors. Dr Gropper works with every patient at the Miami Beach Vein Institute, each step of the way – not only does he treat every patient himself, he also performs every diagnostic test, works closely with patients to determine which treatment is right for them, and makes sure their recovery goes smoothly and quickly. If you’re interested in how vein treatments can help you achieve healther, younger-looking skin, don’t wait – contact us at the Miami Beach Vein Institute today!

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