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Dr. Malvehy is a vein doctor offering patients in Miami venous ulcer treatment with offices in Miami Beach. Many patients struggle with leg or ankle ulcers for years before finding appropriate care. Venous ulcers or leg ulcers are typically found in the lower leg or ankle, also called the gaiter area. Over 75% of chronic wounds of the lower leg and ankles are due primarily to vein disease. These venous ulcers usually follow a period of discoloration of the skin and can be quite painful. Often, treatment is focused on the overlying skin disruption – local creams, antibiotics, bandages and skin grafts. Without treating the underlying vascular disease, however, these ulcers tend to persist or recur.

Many patients come to us after years of ulcer care and failed attempts to treat the arterial system, never having had a proper venous evaluation. Because Dr. Malvehy personally performs all patient evaluations, he is often able to pinpoint the diseased vessel and work with the patient to initiate a treatment regimen to address the underlying cause. Using a combination of treatments – all performed in the office with local anesthesia in under an hour – almost all venous ulcers can be addressed. Providing treatment for patients in Miami venous ulcer treatments consist of endovenous laser ablation, minimally invasive varicose vein surgery and foam sclerotherapy or chemical ablation.

If you believe you have an venous ulcer or chronic wound or lower leg, you should seek attention from a vein specialist (also called a phlebologist) to evaluate for venous disease. Dr. Malvehy devotes his practice exclusively to the treatment of vein disease – the most common cause of leg ulcers – in Miami. Consultations and treatments for venous ulcers and leg ulcers are available in our Miami Beach.

For patients in Miami venous ulcer treatment can be performed around the patient’s work schedule including morning and afternoon treatment sessions. Call 305-417-8346 to schedule a consultation.

Venous Ulcer Treatment Miami

We recently had a patient by for their annual follow up. SS is a 90 year old woman who suffered from leg wounds and leg ulcers for over 3 years before coming to our office. Her treatment to that point had been excellent local wound care, including the use of Unna Boots – a combination of bandaging for leg ulcers and various antibiotic ointments. Unfortunately, her legs had only worsened over the course of those 3 years and she experienced daily excruciating pain which limited her ability to sleep, walk or function during the day. She had been hospitalized for the pain on more than one occasion. A picture of her right leg is shown here. Her skin was completely denuded from the calf to the ankle, a common finding in serious venous ulcers.

Dr. Malvehy performed an ultrasound of her legs which demonstrated venous insufficiency – a circulatory problem where blood flows backwards in the veins in the legs – causing pressure on the skin of her legs. He performed a series of minimally invasive treatments – all in the office using local anesthesia – to close the problem vessels. SS had laser vein treatment usingendovenous ablation in the problem veins of her legs.

One year later, her venous ulcer and chronic leg wound is completely healed and SS is pain free. She has been able to return to her pre-ulcer activities and is feeling great.

Approximately 80% of leg wounds and ulcers around the lower leg and ankles are venous ulcers. Treatment should consist of local wound care, avoiding infection, compression and treatment of the underlying venous issue. By combining laser vein treatment with good local wound care, many leg ulcers can be cured with little chance of coming back. Without laser vein treatment, 12 month recurrence rates for venous ulcers are approximately 80-90%. With laser vein treatment, the rate of recurrence of leg ulcer or chronic leg wounds drops to about 10%.

If you are looking for treatment for venous ulcers or leg ulcers, Dr. Malvehy has offices in Coral Gables and Miami Beach. Call 305-417-8346 to schedule an appointment.

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